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Xrius Crypto Token Pursuit

Once upon a time in the digital world of Cyberspace, a brave adventurer named Aria and a legendary archaeologist named John set out on a quest to find the Xrius Tokens. Hearing that these tokens possess immense power and grant their owners unique abilities in the virtual world, Aria and John's greatest adventure began

Aria and John's journey began in the Enchanted Code Forest, where Aria and John encountered complex mazes guarded by elusive AI coding creatures. With each labyrinth successfully traversed, Aria and John earned a valuable Xrius Token, one step closer to unlocking the ultimate prize

As Aria and John travelled deeper into the virtual world, they encountered challenges such as the Grok Firewall Fortress and the Binary Bitcoin Bridge, where every step had to be carefully considered. Along the way, they met other AI-powered bots and formed alliances to overcome complex puzzles designed to protect their hard-earned and coveted Xrius Tokens

As Aria and John leveled up, their journey became more difficult as they encountered malicious elemental minions - mischievous beings who didn't want them to win the game. With cunning strategy, a sense of adventure, and quick thinking, she defeated these enemies to protect herself and her precious Xrius tokens

As the missions progressed, Aria and John uncovered the secrets of the algorithmic archives where the key to unlocking the true potential of the Xrius Tokens was hidden in old mission scenarios. It became clear that the power within these tokens was not only a tool for personal advancement, but also a force for good in the virtual realm

Finally, after facing the final mission challenge in the Quantum Fortress, the doors to the new virtual world opened and the heroic couple Aria and John emerged



Token Name: Xrius
Symbol: XRS
Web: www.xriustoken.com
Total Supply:

0% Buy Fee. In Every Sell Transaction:
2 % Fee is Auto Burned.
3% Fee is Auto added to Liquidity pool.
2 % Fee is Auto redistributed to holders.
3 % Fee is Auto sent to Marketing wallet.

Xrius Gaming NFTS

Overall, gaming NFTs represent an exciting convergence of blockchain technology and gaming, offering new possibilities for ownership, creativity, and economic participation within virtual worlds

Xrius Play To Earn

In particular, it is based on a blockchain-based system where ownership of in-game assets and their exchangeability as NFTs enables players to monetise their gaming experience

Xrius Metaverse Ready

The metaverse refers to a collective virtual shared space, typically created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physical reality



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Our Goals

Xrius Roadmap


Phase 1


- Birth of Xrius Maze
- Technical Review 1.0
- Business Planning and Roadmap


Phase 2


- Xrius Website 1.0
- Xrius Whitepaper 1.0
- Marketing Planning
- Social Media Account Creation
- Contract Coding
- Building of Xrius Community
- BscScan Contract Verification
- Airdrop Distribution
- Coinmarketcap Fast Track Listing
- Coingecko Listing


Phase 3


- Website 2.0
- Cex Listing
- XriusPay Beta
- Partnerships
- XriusMazeGame Demo


Phase 4


- Xriuswallet Beta
- XriusApp Beta
- Partnerships
- Top 50 Stock Exchange listing
- Competitions with Prizes
- XriusNFT Store
- XriusMazeVr Game Introduction


Phase 5


- Xrius Maze Mobile Demo
- Safety audit checks
- XriusPay
- Competitions with prizes
- Top 25 Stock Exchange listing


Phase 6


- XriusWallet
- Xriusapp
- Partnerships
- XriusMazeVr Game Demo


Phase 7


- Top 10 Stock Exchange listing
- Xrius Maze Game Mobile
- XriusLive award-winning Broadcasts
- XriusVR Game Beta


Phase 8


- Global Stock Exchange Listings
- XriusLive Award Winning Publications
- XriusVr Game
- 10 Million Prize Contest


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